Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Vacation's over....

We didn't do a whole lot more on vacation. We spent some time bowling.

My game got off to a good start...

Okay, in the name of full disclosure, the pins had not set up so I had to roll the ball down the lane to do it. No pins? Strike!!! I'd be a great bowler if I could don it like that all the time!

Here's the master at work.....

I'm pretty sure that look is because I'm beating him so badly. 

And it's important to still look cute.....even if you have to wear bowling shoes.

We still did plenty of eating out and just kind of relaxing. It was a good time, even if it wasn't a far away or exotic destination. But we always have fun together!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Next Stop....NASA

The next morning we were up and at it again. This time our destination was NASA.

We were having fun, despite the look on Wyatt's face.

Addison took a quick nap while Kirsten and Abigail kept the Mars station going.

Then it was off to finish our tour with a visit with the President.

Another successful day complete.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The vacation continues...

Wow!!! Time sure dies get away from me!! We've been so very busy it's hard to keep up.

We were up and at it again the next morning and down to Galveston Island. We spent the day at Moody Gardens. There were several different things to do. We took a ride in the bay on an old fashioned paddle boat.

We hung out in the beach.

Abigail played in the sand.

We also went through the dinosaur exhibit and rode a Sponge Bob ride.

That took up a large part of the day and we were all pooped, so we had dinner and headed back to the Rogers Resort.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

After the dog races .....

Since we had anticipated the dog races taking almost twice as long as they did, the cancellations left us with some unexpected time to kill.

We decided to head over to the Boardwalk at Kemah. They have rides and games and lots of places to eat. One of the things we decided to do was take on 'The Beast.'

The Beast won.

Once we were completely soaked, we headed to dinner. We decided on The Aquarium for dinner. 

After a full day and then with full bellies, we decided we were exhausted and it was time to call it a day.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Time for a Vacation

We decided that we needed a get away before school started back up. We didn't travel far. Just headed to Houston/Galveston to play tourist.

On Saturday night we went to see a performance of Guys and Dolls. It was in a very small theatre (like only seats about 75 people) and there were almost no props, but it was still fun.

After the play we were all hungry so headed to a local icon to eat.

Welcome to the 59 Diner.

On Sunday we took the kids for a life lesson. We took them to the dog track and taught them how to place bets. Ha! 

We were having a good time, even though we were not winning, not by any stretch of the imagination. Then a dog got injured near the end of a race. Then another dog got injured in the very next race. One of those dogs - don't know which - actually broke it's leg. They held off on the next race while they inspected the track. Eventually, they cancelled all races for the rest of the day. Boo for us, but better for the safety of the dogs.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Turtles Are So Ungrateful

We were on the way to an orthodontist appointment early one morning last week. We got down the road from the house and there was a turtle part way in the road. Abigail made us stop so that she could go get the turtle off the road to safety.

She ran back and moved the turtle into the grass in the ditch. But she was very unhappy when she got back to the car.

Perhaps the turtle just wanted to be in the road. Perhaps the turtle didn't want to go in the ditch that she was carrying him to. Perhaps it was just a mean spirited turtle. Whatever it was, the turtle was not happy with her.

When she reached to pick it up it hissed at her. Then when she started carrying it to the ditch, it peed on her......a lot!

We had to turn around and go back home so she could change pants and then head back to the orthodontist. We were late and I told them why. Once they stopped laughing, they did say that it was a reason for being late that they'd never heard.

So now, Abigail doesn't like turtles.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Time to Cowboy Up!

They are serious about the 'cowboy' part of Hill Country Cowboy Church!


We had a really good time at the July 4th (ish) celebration.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


We have taken a couple of opportunities to celebrate Dax. 

We enjoyed an ice cream cake in his honor on Father's Day. Unfortunately, it fell out of the freezer before we could cut it (thankfully it was still in the container).

Then we celebrated Dax on his birthday. 

What's that? Another ice cream cake? 

You know it!!

But, he absolutely deserves it. 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Summer time

Our summer started with big fun!!

The first week out of school, Kirsten had her wisdom teeth removed.

(Look at those swollen little cheeks)

Sounds fun, right? This was the most she could smile.

Then, Addison and Abigail went to church camp. They had a great time. They did all kinds of fun stuff, including playing in the river. The one that recently flooded our town and is full of germs and disease. So, it was no big surprise when Abigail got sick. Fortunately she is now well, and back to hockey lessons with Wyatt.

Their Grandfather has been through some scary stuff which has had him in and out of the hospital. We're hoping that the doctors are going to get things under control soon, and that life can get back to normal for him.

They did go stay with their other grandparents for almost two weeks and they had a lot of fun with that. They went to the movies 1 1/2 times (the power went out in the middle of the movie) to the museum, did some shopping, and some eating out. They were returned to us as happy little campers.

The summer is half way over, and we're still trying to figure out what we're going to do for vacation. Nothing like planning ahead!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Out with a fizzle

The school year didn't really go out with a bang this year. It was more like a fizzle. It was actually kind of a surprise because at the end of the day that day at school, they just announced that the year was over. So there you go.

Anyway, overall it was a good year.

Kirsten and Abigail were both inducted into the National Honor Society. And, Kirsten received an award for Outstanding Achievement in Spanish. 

Much to her delight, Addison received her letter jacket. 

Unfortunately, by the time she got hers (which was not until soccer season was over) it was far too warm to wear it. 

I still can't believe how quickly the year went by and that my babies are now juniors in high school!